Hong Tee

Malaysian Classical Guitarist


Malaysia’s leading classical guitarist, Hong Tee, performs extensively throughout Malaysia as a solo artist as well as chamber musician. She also performed in Wales, England, Singapore, Taiwan and has been invited to conduct masterclasses and adjudicating competitions at the prestigious XVIII International Guitar Art Festival in Serbia. In year 2017, she released her debut solo album <Evocation> . At the same year, she presented the world premier of a new work, Fantasia over a Bornean Folksong, written for Malaysia and dedicated to her by the famous Italian composer, Carlo Domeniconi. In year 2018, she has been invited twice by the Taiwan's Ensemble Los Seis to give her debut solo recital in Taipei, under the Asian Classical Guitarist Recommended Series, and to conduct masterclasses at the Music Faculty of ShiJian University, Taipei and Taiwan International Guitar Summer Seminar in Kaohsiung.

As an active performer, Hong participates in the major concert series and international music festivals held in Malaysia. She was the soloist at the 3rd International Festival of Classical Music 2014, artist and juror of the Tarrega Malaysia International Classical Guitar Festival 2015 and 2016, Philharmoniker Classical Guitar Festival Johor 2016. She was also the artist of the Bel Canto Concert Series 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017, organized by the Classical Music Society KL/Selangor. She has been invited three times by CMS to conduct master classes, workshops and playing concerts at the Pluck & Bow Music Retreat 2013, 2014 and 2015, alongside with other international artists. Her recital for the Bel Canto Concert Series 2014 <Hong Tee Plays Brouwer> was the first of its kind in Malaysia to play a full concert of a single composer's works on the classical guitar. Since 2013, she initiated a classical guitar charity concert series, Love Music, which aims to extend the outreach of the classical guitar music to the local community. Love Music presented both the classical guitar solo recital and chamber music recital. This series has gained great support from the media and public.

Hong is the first Malaysian female guitarist to obtain the FTCL (Fellow of Trinity College of London) qualifications and also a Master degree in classical guitar performance. She has been awarded the Award of Excellence by Trinity College of London for her achievement in FTCL music diploma. She received her Master of Music (MMus) with Distinction at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (the National Conservatoire of Wales), UK. Both of her master's public recitals were graded as distinction with the final one commented as outstanding performance by renown musicians. Her achievement during the master's study has gained her a scholarship from the college. 

Born in Kuala Pilah, a small town in Negeri Sembilan, Hong began teaching herself guitar at the age of 13. She learned classical guitar and electric guitar with several teachers before meeting her music mentor, Mdm Malgorzata Skrodzka. In year 2005, she resided in London for a year to study privately with Mr Timothy Walker, guitar professor at the Royal Academy of Music. In year 2009, she has been offered to study the Master of Music by both the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama. As an admirer of the British legendary classical guitarist John Mills, she then decided to move to Cardiff  in year 2010, studying with two leading British guitarists, Professor John Mills and Professor Graham Anthony Devine, at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. 

Hong's experience has been enriched by attending master classes by the most renowned teachers and musicians, such as Pavel Steidl, Roland Dyens, Ana Vidovic, Philip Hii, Kai Nieminen, Sven Lundestadt, Heiki Mätlik, Edoardo Catemario, Eleftheria Kotzia, Julian Byzantine and others. Maestro Roland Dyens commented on her playing: "very very musical......incredible!"  

Hong is also a sought-after educator in classical guitar performance as well as an adjudicator for competitions. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience and produce a number of award winners of the international/local guitar competitions. Her career has been reflected in a number of her pupils successfully following career as musicians. 

Currently, she is the guitar lecturer at the UCSI University and teacher at the Sunway Conservatoire of Music. Besides, she gives master classes and workshops in various states of Malaysia and abroad.

Hong is currently playing a Rohan Lowe's guitar

马来西亚古典吉他家郑凤珠(Hong Tee)以杰出成绩毕业自英国威尔士皇家音乐学院,主修古典吉他演奏,师从英国古典吉他大师约翰米尔斯(John Mills)和格雷厄姆迪瓦恩(Graham Devine)。她修硕前也曾旅居伦敦一年,师事伦敦皇家音乐学院教授,蒂姆沃克(Tim Walker)。 她不仅是马来西亚首位拥有古典吉他演奏硕士学位的女吉他家,同时也是马来西亚首位考获伦敦三一学院最高音乐专业演奏文凭(FTCL)的女吉他家。

郑老师留学英国期间深得老师约翰米尔斯的赏识,已故吉他大师罗兰迪恩斯(Roland Dyens)也对她上大师班的演奏留下非常深刻的印象:“非常非常的具有音乐性…..难以置信!”

回国发展后,她常获邀担任国内举办的国际古典音乐节和吉他艺术节的演奏嘉宾和评审,同时活跃于全国各地,举办独奏会、室内音乐会并教授大师班。 她曾再次回到威尔士和英格兰巡演,到新加坡、台湾举行独奏会。2017年更获得享誉世界五大吉他音乐节的塞尔维亚世界吉他艺术节(World Guitar Art Festival)之邀,前往贝尔格莱德教授大师班并担任比赛评审包括公开组决赛评审。同年,首张古典吉他专辑《Evocation》面市。著名意大利作曲家兼吉他家卡洛多梅尼格尼(Carlo Domeniconi )也在这一年特别献给她一首为马来西亚创作的婆罗洲民谣幻想曲《Fantasia over a Borneon Folksong》 ,世界首演同年举行。2018年,她连续两次获台湾六弦乐集吉他室内乐团之邀,到台北师范大学音乐厅举办独奏会,并到台北实践大学音乐系和高雄的卡雷巴洛吉他学派暑假国际音乐营教授大师班。

她目前于UCSI大学任职吉他讲师, 也是双威音乐学院的吉他教师,同时也栽培了一群古典吉他新生代,其中多位乃国际或国内吉他比赛奖项得主,为国内的古典吉他界注入前所未有的新气象。