Hong Tee

Classical Guitarist

Love.Music Classical Guitar Charity Concert Series

Love.Music classical guitar charity concert series aims to extend the outreach of classical guitar music to the local community, while serving an act of charity at the same time.This concert aspires to bring to the audience an experience in appreciating the art of classical guitar, an intimate yet amazing instrument, while giving a helping hand to those in need from the society and the world at large.

This series is collaboration between classical guitarist, Hong Tee, and various welfare organizations, music schools and institutions in Malaysia. The first series in 2013, with guitar solo recital by Hong, gained a great support from local media and public. 7 recitals has been organized under the first series throughout the year, supported by various organizations and music enthusiasts. The second series in 2014 presented a Voice+Classical Guitar programme, a collaboration of Hong and mezzo-soprano, Alice Ching. 5 concerts has been organized in several places around Klang Valley and southern states of Peninsular Malaya. The 3rd Series in 2017 created a platform for young generation of classical guitar players. Hong together with 8 of her students, presented a programme with repertoire ranging from Baroque to 20th century. Three concerts has been organized in KL and JB.

Please visit to the facebook page Love.Music for further details of the past and forthcoming events.


Some of the Press Release on Love.Music by major Local Press

Press Release in 2014